Jaehyun Kim

Jaehyun Kim(b.1993) is Painter and Visual Artist based on the Netherlands.

Jaehyun Kim’s work evokes the colors and textures of the natural world, fragments of what is visible to the naked eye as well as what can only be revealed by a microscope. The process of creation is one of breaking open to see what is inside; taking fragments and memories and transforming them into meaningful gestures.

How do I respond to the materials? How do my gestures change when using them? How can I make new combinations, and create a certain stillness? These are the main questions that lead from raw materials to the results of the figure in his work. With the aim of creating a balance of dynamic movements, the degree of permeation, viscosity, separation of layers, and color are adjusted while adding and subtracting pigments according to the drying time.

He paint while contemplating the conditions that create a tangible interaction, with the painting as a mirror between the audience and the artist. Can the painting help us to see one another? The answer to this begins with a scene where he face himself through his work. People are provoked by different paintings, and this is related to what he call the “speed” of the painting. He is trying to grasp this speed by moving imaginatively, backwards and forwards, mending fragments of time.

BFA (Oriental Painting), Hongik University, Seoul, Korea - 2019
MFA (Painting), Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, the Netherlands - 2021

Solo show
<The Figures of Questions> Gravity effect, Seoul, Korea - 2019

Group Exhibition
<ICONIC> Gallery Koo, Seoul, Korea - 2014
<Represent> Koepelzaal, Groningen, Netherlands - 2019
<Callforgraduates> Sixteenfortysix & Nestruimte, The hague, Netherlands - 2021
<Swerve> Suiker Factory, Groningen, Netherlands - 2021
<SBK sprouts young talents> SBK Kunstuitleen & Galerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2021

Award & Grant
<Hanze Scholarship>, Hanze University, Groningen - 2019, 2020
<Public art idea support project>, Seoul Cultural Foundation - 2020
<Lucht>, Kunstpunt, Groningen, Netherlands - 2021

<The Figures of Questions> reviewed, Magazine ‘Graphite on pink’ - 2019